For Sale/Lease


Paint (Gelding) 10 years old (3/08). He has a great easy going temperament. Trail horse. 


Thoroughbred (Jockey Club registered) (Mare) 12 years old.  She stands 16 hands tall.  She has speed and has started barrels.  Experienced riders. 


Red Dun (Gelding), joined the ranch in 2011, laid back, easy going, push style for riding.  Dallas' dad. 


Quarter Horse Gelding.  For the experienced rider, fast walker, very smart.  Loves the trails, worked cattle, points in Extreme Cowboy competition. 

Lease Options

Lease Options: $300 per month

  • Leasing a horse allows you to get the experience of owning a horse before you buy one. This allows you to experience horse ownership without a long term commitment in buying a horse.  
  • A lease includes two lessons per month (additional lessons available upon request, lesson fees apply, full board, guarantees use of the horse for when you want to ride, and use of full tack. 
  • We have two lease options available:  A month-to-month lease or a six month lease.  The six month lease typically runs from April thru September with a month free for October.  A winter package is available at a reduced price due to potentially limited riding weather.

Six Month Lease

  • Provides you unlimited riding and two lessons per month.  Full use of the tack that goes with the horse.  Off ranch riding that requires trailering to another location can be arranged after proof of safe loading and trailering and Lazy B inspection of the trailer to be used for transportation.  

Month-to-Month Lease

  • Flexibility to ride various horses and may better fit within your budget and time.  This options gives you the opportunity to experience and ride the various horses of Lazy B and has the added benefit of making you a better rider. 



 Durango - (Peppys Stormy Sport) Registered Quarter Horse (Gelding)(6/93). He stands 15 hands tall.  Does well with an experienced rider.  Was from a working cattle ranch in Missouri.  SOLD 2012


Buck - Paint/Foxtrotter (Gelding) (1995).  A gaited Paint / Foxtrotter, very soft in the mouth and very responsive to the touch.  Does wonderful on the trails and has a fast walk.  Enjoys long trail rides.  Does well on trails, roads and in the arena. SOLD 2012 


Dillon - American Mustang (Gelding)  (2008).  He stands 15 hands tall. Was adopted from the BLM in 2009 and is still in training and before he came to the Lazy B, had not been worked with by people.  A joy to be around and to watch. SOLD 2012 


Larado - Quarter Horse/ Thoroughbred (Gelding) (2007).  Prospective barrel horse.  SOLD 2012 


Cowboy - Quarter Horse
(Gelding).  He has been trained in Barrel Racing but could also be trained to rope/reigning.  He trailers and has a good disposition.  Has had 45 days of professional training.  SOLD 


Cody (Cody Na Hollywood Bar) - Registered Quarter Horse (Gelding). He stands 16 hands tall. He is very responsive and is ready for experienced riders.  Has been started in barrels. SOLD 


 Trooper - American Saddlebred
 (Gelding). He stands 
 17.4 hands tall. Intermediate to 
 experienced rider (gaited).
 Very smooth ride.  Could
 easily be trained for Hunt/Jump or
 Dressage.  Has been used on trails
 and in arena work and trailers.  
 He clips, bathes, and cross-ties. 
 Responds to verbal and leg cues.  
 Love to be around people.  Great 
 disposition.  Has had 120 days
 of professional training. SOLD 


Custer - (JD Double King Bug) Red Dun  (Gelding) (3/04).  He stands 15 hands tall.  The Dun's have the distinctive stripe down their backs.  All experience levels. SOLD 


Cisco (Ratchetts Warrior) -Overo Paint (Gelding) (4/2001).  He stands 15.2 hands tall.  He was foaled in S. Dakota and we found him in Osborn, Missouri.  Very response, smooth trot, easy loads.  He is a nice all around horse, gentle and well-mannered.  Likes to talk to the mares. SOLD 


Rebeliscious - (Rebel) - Pintaloosa (Mare) (2006).  Extremely personable, lovely and a perfect lady on the ground.  Joined the ranch in Sept 2010.  Prospective barrel horse. SOLD 


 Drifter - Quarter Horse (Mare).  Very friendly people horse.  Loads easy and is a joy to watch run. SOLD 


Maddie - Tabiano Paint (Mare) (5/2/03). She stand 15.1 hands tall. All experience levels. She is an easy-going with good ground manners and wonderful ride both in the arena and on trails. Easy keeper and trailers well. She came from the Flint Hills and is newcomer to Eastern Kansas.SOLD 


Macy (Sassy Skip Fortune) - American Paint (Mare) (5/98).  She stands 15 hands tall. She came to us from Missouri.  Macy swims, crosses water, trail rides, ponies other horses and likes to trot. She is very responsive and is ready for almost all riders. SOLD


Shiloh - Overo Paint (Mare) (8/2007). Stands 15 hands tall with blue eyes. Came from a ranch in NE Nebraska. She is a people horse. Very smooth to ride. Newly broken out, smooth ride and very responsive. SOLD 


Cheyenne - Was sold in 2013 and moved to Alabama.  July 2014, participated in the Alabama State 4-H Horse Competition. She placed in each event with the horses.