In Loving Memory


The Lazy B Ranch bids a loving farewell to Callie, a wonderful horse and friend who passed away on August 9th, 2010.  She was due to foal in April 2011.  Her and her colt will be missed and remembered. 


Happy Trails to Red who was 24 years old and passed December 16th, 2016.  A fantastic trail horse and member of the family who took hundreds of kids and beginner riders out on the trail.  Had been with us since 2002.  Will always been remembered.

Sadie Sue

Fun loving agile Min-Pin Pomeranian mix who was Paige's travel partner.  Went to many a show across the  U.S. along with the barrel horses.  We lost her in 2012 and will be forever missed.


 We said farewell on January 21st, 2018.  She was born and we adopted in 2007.  She was a Newfoundland - Great Pyrenees mix, loved the outdoors and herding the horses.  She and Montana are sisters. We called her our gentle giant and loved laying outside day and night.   


Adopted in Longview, Texas in 2016 and went from a city dog to a country dog that didn't like to walk on grass to running around on grass all the time.  We lost her on December 16th, 2016 the same night as Red.  We miss her snuggle time and know she is a happy place.


We lost Ned, a POA Quarter Horse May 2012.  A gentle and friendly horse with a bit of a sneaky streak.  Loved play games.  Will always be missed.