Meet the Lazy B Ranch Dogs


He is a Black Lab.  He fell in love with us during a trail ride to raise money for Breast Cancer at Clinton Lake.  He was born on Feb 13, 2009. Goes out on trail rides


Born and adopted in 2007.  She is a Newfoundland - Great Pyrenees mix.  She loves to go on trail rides.  


Lead ranch dog. Born and adopted in 2006 from LAWS. Likes ice cream and hamburgers after all trail rides.  He is part Rottweiler and Black Lab. 


Born in 2014 and adopted in 2016 from Longview, Texas.  He is a Shitzu mix.  Went from a city dog to a country dog.  Goes on trail rides and likes to snuggle.  


A Blue Healer that joined the ranch January 2018, born November 2017. He is a wild man and loves to play.  


Born and adopted in 2006.  She is a Golden Retriever and Black Lab mix.  She is the lady of the Lazy B six.  She enjoys the creeks and ponds on the property.


Born and adopted in 2008.  He is a Red Heeler and was the runt of the litter.  He is noted for chasing and biting the tires of the ATV.  Does an excellent job of herding the horses. 


Born November 2017, joined the ranch February 2018.  He is a Great Pyrenees and is learning ranch life.  


Was adopted from Louisburg, Kansas and joined the ranch September, 2017. She is a Mastiff mix. She likes to explore and loves attention.   Does go out on trail rides and help with chores.


Joined the ranch November 2013, born summer of 2013.  He is long-haired Chihuahua.  He is a strict family dog.


Was adopted New Year's Eve 2013, born summer of 2013.  He is Min-Pin mix and goes out on trail rides.  

Long Day

After a long day on trail rides and chores