Loading & Trailering


  • Loading and trailering your horse should be easy, uneventful and safe for you and the horse.  If not done properly, this can be a traumatic experience for both the horse and owner making future loading and trailering attempts difficult and dangerous.
  • At Lazy B we offer classes on the proper loading, unloading, and safe trailering for you and your horse.  This can be done at the ranch or at your location.
  • Once you get to your intended location and you unload your horse, there are tips and techniques to ensure the safety of you and your horses while they are tied up to your trailer whether you are at a show or on a trail ride.


Call for availability of classes and times. All prices are per hour.

Basic Loading & Trailering class:  

$25 (using our trailer and horses)

Loading & Trailering with your horse(s) and trailer: $35

Off Ranch:  $45 - $60 based upon location